Selasa, 19 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Dada!

One of my friend asked me to make a surprise birthday's greeting via facebook for his boyfriend. And the first thing that came up in my mind was surfing in the internet looking for a nice font type! When I randomly search the font, suddenly I stumbled on Melbourne Font Type.... and it hooked me. The modern and calm approachment of this type really suit for my friend's boyfriend. With the guideline from the webs on how to pull out the best design for this font, I'm working on this for just 2 hours while I'm on the phone. Thanks to Marco Müller, the creator behind this great font. :)

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

typo. i'm in love

this is why i'm so in love with typo :)

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

i tried to do handstand for you..till i permanently blue

First i heard this song in ipod commercial *i think the staff from apple really have a good taste in music* n suddenly I’m addicted with this song.alot.

And now i've always play this song in the morning to start my day n boost up my mood. funny this is, this song resembles a gloomy love in a colorful way..hahhaha

Somehow this song is very similar with one of the cure's song...*close to me*

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009


"your words and my words is more powerful than we both realize"
[done with wacom and photoshop]

Even a short sentence can hurt and haunt you for the rest of your life, especially when its spoken by someone who-you-think-you-have-a-good-relationship-with or it happen you were just a young children. You can damage child self-esteem, friendship, even marriage with just one little well chosen words and tell at the right moment.

So next time i should be very careful on what i said, because i had learn my lesson. A lot.*yes, thanks for nothing for those who had hurt me, and I'm deeply sorry for those who had been hurt by me*.

Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

god is it?

30 november 2009

...around 4.oo pm, suddenly my friend tweet a shocking news:

"Omg ada cwe jatoh dr lantai 3 GI. I saw it!!"

I admit that my first thought was.oh crap! now i don't wanna hang-out in social house nor watching a movie in bltzmegaplex till midnite for a very long time ( pardon my ignorance, i don't mean to be rude or something but i'm a very cowardice when it comes to supernatural-thingy ). Then i think again, woaa..That girl must be really desperate or really in a deep problems so that she choose bungee jumping without a safety and end up her life. And soon after that, Grand Indonesia and Forever 21 became a trending topics in twitter!

But that's not my point. because 4 hours atfer that incident my friend call me in a rush n said :

"oh my god, adeeee!!! ada yang bunuh diri lagi! sekarang gw lagi di mall senayan city i swear i heard the scream"

i didn't believe her first but on a second thought i was like "effing kidding me! 2 suicidal attempt in one day at prestigious mall in Jakarta?! what had happened to our society??!"..suicidal attempt, an acute corruption in the government ( yes mr.politicians i'm talking about you whom sit lazily in senayan ),injustice in our laws ( don't think that this suicidal event will make us forget about you mr.anggono ) made me think. And i came to the hardest part..

So here is my big question:

Is god dead?

Some of you maybe familiar with this quotes, yep it was a statement by Friedrich Nietzsche :

God is dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?

Before you all getting misconception about these quotes, what mr.nietzsche trying to say is god is not literally dead, but now god is no longer a viable source for a wisdom. Human will reluctant to care about they religion and they no longer care about universal moral law. That will create a deconstruction in our society. They will do what they want and live in lack of moralist.

But then again i think. Maybe god is not dead, it was us that blinded and be fooled by what-we-called-kenikmatan duniawi even god keep giving us a warning sign. And that what i'm afraid of. I'm afraid that god blinded me from what is wrong and what is right, keep asking about where's god had gone and didn't realize that i was the one who fooled myself.

So in a conclusion, keep trying to reach your god, because the one who doesn't have a faith in their heart usually lost their way n you better believe that no matter what trouble you had, please don't you ever do a suicidal attempt, its more bravery if you choose to face your problem instead dodging it. And i also believe that god will not give you a temptation beyond your ability and as time goes by god will help and guide you to provide the way out :)

p.s.: I'm so scared god, yes so effing scared that someday i may lose my faith on you. Please don't you give up on me..

my own personal hero

Do you have your own personal hero? Well, i bet everybody has, baik itu artis ataupun seseorang yang berada di lingkungan kita sendiri..Bagi saya orang yang paling saya kagumi ( ya setelah ibu saya sendiri ) adalah John Lennon.

John Winston Lennon ( 9 Oktober !1940 – 8 Desember 1980 ) adalah seorang penyanyi, penulis lagu, dan aktivis perdamaian yang berasal dari Liverpool, Inggris. Dia terkenal secara luas sebagai pendiri band The Beatles. With Paul McCartney, they were the best songwriter partnership and made a successful musical and cultural collaborations in history

Well, let's cut out the crap, everybody know who he is and i'm will not talking in wikipedia-ish stye..hehehe

The best thing about mr.lennon is his art work.yep! karyanya dalam bermusik selalu selangkah di depan dan dapat memperngaruhi kehidupan sosial dan cultural pada saat itu ( bahkan sampai hari inipun pesan yang disampaikan di dalam musiknya masih relevan dengan kondisi di masyarakat sekarang ). Personally, lagu yang paling saya kagumi dari mr.lennon adalah strawberry field forever. Tapi bagi kebanyakan orang, karyanya yang paling monumental adalah imagine yang hingga saat ini menjadi unofficial anthem bagi perdamaian.

Beside his artwork, yang juga saya kagumi dari mr.lennon is his personality..He's a man who has his own thought and will stand up for what he believes in. ( by any change, you shoud watch the usa vs john lennon and you'll know what i mean)

Here is some of his controversial quotes :

“ Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I do not know what will go first, rock 'n' roll or Christianity...We're more popular than Jesus now”.
- ini merupakan sindiran satir terhadap masyarakat remaja saat itu yang lebih memuja the beatles daripada agamanya sendiri, akibat dari pernyataan ini, the beatles sempat di banned dari amerika.

"our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it".
-statement ketika diwawancarai tentang kritik kritiknya selama ini terhadap organisasi, agama, dsb.

But honestly, mr. lennon adalah seorang yang jujur dalam memandang dunia apa adanya meskipun dia terbilang sedikit naif dimata saya. To wrap it up, terlepas dari hal negatif yang pernah dia perbuat (hey. he's human after all), hal yang membuat saya kagum dari dirinya adalah keberanianya dalam memandang dunia dengan cara pandang yang kritis, naif, bahkan terkadang lucu melalui karyanya.

Dan meskipun dia tidak menganut agama tertentu, dia berusaha mengamalkan setiap kebaikan dari agama yang ada ( ini yang seharusnya patut dipelajari oleh bangsa kita, karena buat apa kita berkoar koar tentang agama jika di dalam diri kita masih munafik dan hanya memanggil nama tuhan disaat kita sedang susah saja).

God bless his soul. R.I.P, john :)

9 Oktober 1940 – 8 Desember 1980

"And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give".